Encoders for measurement and control technology - since 1983

Expertise and technology leadership from the outset.

TR-Electronic develops, manufactures and sells sensors and actuators for industrial applications, primarily in automation technology. To enable the individual competencies to be focused more strongly, the company is organized into business units.

Products in the Rotary Encoders Business Unit with optical or magnetic scanning are required to detect the angular movement of a rotating shaft. Magnetostrictive linear encoders acquire the position of a linear movement - for example in a hydraulic cylinder - without contact. Intelligent compact drives from the Drives Business Unit are used as actuators or, in the high-end version, as process drives. Customized control and measurement modules in combination with special know-how in pressing and punching processes complete the program.

To ensure optimal customer proximity, in addition to its main location of Trossingen TR-Electronic has branches in Germany and subsidiaries and representatives worldwide.

HMI 2013

At the Hannover Trade Fair 2013, the world's largest industrial trade fair, TR-Electronic will present innovative solutions and series: CEV58M – the new generation of compact rotary encoders with direct connection to Industrial Ethernet; CMV36M – the "Mini" among rotary encoders: absolute multi-turn with connection for automation via SSI, Analog or DRIVE-CLiQ, industrial PC with all-glass touch system


In order to meet future challenges and cope with increasing demand, production and development capacities will be expanded by a further 3000m2 and 30 additional jobs.


The introduction of SIL3/PLe-certified absolute rotary encoders with PROFIBUS safety via PROFIBUS marks the entry into Integrated Safety solutions.


TR-Electronic geht neue Wege und erweitert die bestehenden SIL3/PLe-zertifizierten Drehgeber mit der Feldbus-Schnittstelle PROFIBUS safety über PROFIBUS.


In order to further develop the Asian and Chinese market, the sales subsidiary TR-Electronic (Beijing) CO., LTD. is established in Beijing/China.

In the same year the LMC cascadable linear measuring system is successfully introduced onto the market.


Introduction of the SIL3/PLe-certified rotary encoder series for use in safety-relevant environments.


The two subsidiaries TR-Systemtechnik and UNIDOR merge to form TRsystems GmbH.

The drive technology product portfolio is completed with the new MP drive series.


With its entry into Industrial Ethernet as new bus and interface technology, TR-Electronic clearly has its finger on the pulse of the times.


The C 58 absolute rotary encoder family is introduced onto the market and becomes a bestseller.

The new, over 200m long laser reference measuring section enables the comparison of laser measuring systems with a reference system with absolute repeatability of +/- 1mm and speeds which are commonplace in high rack warehouses.


The opening of the agency in Shanghai/China marks the company's definitive market entry in the Far East.


TR-Electronic develops into a complete provider of rotary encoders and drives for automation technology. With its entry into the development and manufacture of compact drives, the product range sets new trends in the market.


The company presents the first series of laser distance measuring devices based on the TOF principle, with which even longer distances can be acquired without contact, fast enough for closed-loop control and wear-free.


The establishment of sales subsidiaries in France, the UK and Austria enable sales activities in Europe to be substantially expanded.


The acquisition of the UNIDOR company for Sensor and Automation Technology, Pressing and Punching in Pforzheim extends the range of products and services to control and monitoring systems for pressing and forming technology.


The establishment of subsidiary TR-Systemtechnik taps the growing market of industrial PCs for demanding automation tasks.


The establishment of me-tec Präzisionsmechanik GmbH focusing on turning, milling and drilling strengthens know-how in prototype manufacture in particular.


The new sales subsidiary TR Switzerland opens up access to the Swiss market.


With the company's move to Trossingen and inauguration of the new building with 2000m2 of additional floor space, the course is set for future growth.


TR's product portfolio of absolute rotary encoders is expanded by linear position sensors.


TR-Electronic GmbH is established in Villingen-Schwenningen and concentrates on the development and manufacture of absolute rotary encoders for automation technology.